Reduce spam without the need to purchase limited capability hardware or expensive software solutions. Reducing spam at our servers not only makes e-mail a tool instead of a nuisance, but saves your network bandwidth & mail-server processing.

 Protection  Anti-Virus & removal of dangerous attachments. Prevent your server from being used as open-relay. Stop mail-loops.
 Blocking  Blocks open relay sources. Isolate known spam signatures & domains.
 Inspection  Evaluates contents of messages for blocking & non-blocking. Create white-lists of keywords/phrases & values to prevent false-positives. Add your own custom black-list keywords/phrases to work along with system provided dictionaries.
 Web-Based  Users can logon manually or utilize domain-integrated security to manage isolated messages. Network admins can manage service settings as well as managing isolated messages for entire domain.

Using Our Service:  All you need to do is set your MX record in DNS to direct mail to our servers AND configure your mail server to accept relay from our servers, we handle the rest! We can even forward messages to host-names instead of IP addresses to support those who wish to host their own mail behind dynamic IP addresses.
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